Panel Upgrades

Increase the power capacity of your home or business electrical service. We can also provide you with sound advice to help you save money on electrical bills such as using practical power saving devices.


Looking for an upgrade? We at Bengert Electric can replace your fuses with breakers or improve your electrical panel from 100 amps to 200 amps. In addition, we'll fix any damages or relocate it to fit any changes you've done to your property.
If you need to improve your electrical service, such as from 100 to 200 or 400 amps, you'll almost certainly need to replace your existing electrical service panel too. Why do we recommend this service upgrade? More circuits are required to support the continuing, steady flow of energy in the home as we consume more electricity and use more devices. Contact the electrical contractors at Bengert Electric whether you want to add specialty breakers, or perhaps your insurance provider requires you to go from fuse breakers to a breaker panel.
Bengert Electric is a Regina-based team of skilled electricians. For many years, we have provided peace of mind to the local Regina community, particularly residents with older houses in need of wiring and electrical updates. Contact us today for information on your panel replacement and power-saving devices that will save you money on electrical bills.

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