What is LED4free? Bengert Electric Will Showcase the Benefits of Retrofitting Existing Commercial Lighting

What is LED4free? Bengert Electric Will Showcase the Benefits of Retrofitting Existing Commercial Lighting

Bengert Electric would like to rave about our new program LED4FREE, Saskatchewan's leading commercial lighting retrofitting company. We have many solutions for all your lighting needs with a focus on commercial lighting and industrial lighting. We specialize in re-lamping because it helps create a safer environment for you and your family, especially when the age of your lighting fixtures gets too high. But what if you don't want to change them? That's what we do! We relight your current lighting to improve the light output by upgrading your old fluorescent or incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. We work hard to recycle all of our waste materials. This includes cardboard, aluminum, steel, lamps and light bulbs, and even no longer needed lighting ballasts.

Retrofitting or upgrading your lighting saves your money and helps your wallet, protecting your business's bottom line. Renovating your lighting also improves the lighting output in your commercial space. We will decrease the light temperature by installing LED bulbs that will emit less heat and save energy, ideal for rental properties, commercial property managers, apartment buildings, commercial and industrial companies, and large-scale municipal projects.

Our lighting solutions from LED4FREE will reduce your operational costs without risking quality control on the day-to-day operations of your company. Did you know that if you're in an office that doesn't take care in upgrading their lights to LED lighting, they may be hurting your eyes in the process? The harsh lighting of fluorescent bulbs can cause eye strain. Fluorescent lighting strain might mean your employees are more prone to taking longer breaks to rest their eyes, mental exhaustion, or perhaps even putting together less-than-quality work. These things can affect productivity and potentially hurt revenue down the road. Our professional electricians and lighting will work with you to ensure all commercial and industrial areas have adequate lighting so employees and workers won't feel the desire to fall asleep or feel stressed out unnecessarily.

As the Canadian government strives to be greener and meet our ever-growing expectations of being better for the environment, there are many eligible grants for retrofitting your lighting, and some utility companies offer incentives. Utility rebates typically give you a portion of what you paid in exchange for doing something green and environmentally conscious. We work with local governments and municipalities to upgrade lighting as well. Our public LED lighting will upgrade public lighting management in the cities and make public spaces safer. We will also save taxpayers money by increasing the energy efficiency of streelights, parks, traffic lights, and more!

LED4FREE starts with an energy audit for your business. Energy audits are a great way to handle what a company is currently managing energy-related costs, whether lighting, heating, or A/C. Energy auditors will typically come into a place of business and take measurements on where there's room for improvement before presenting the audit findings. The auditor will present their findings over time and recommend improving your company's current energy consumption. They will also show you how long it would take for an improvement project to pay off based on any savings you'd gain from lowering your energy consumption. A lighting audit is an in-depth study of a building's lighting. The lighting energy audit will include:

• How many lights and their locations

• The amount of energy that is consumed to power these lights and for how long

• The estimated amount of money spent on the technology required to run the said lights

• The effect these lighting fixtures have on energy bills and electrical bills

At Bengert Electric, we work very closely with the LED4FREE team. Their team shares our transparent estimation and installation process. We keep you informed during the entire process from start to finish, sending you real-time updates with sign-off on post-project completions. Visit LED4FREE.ca to learn more and get your free lighting energy audit.